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Oct 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
be using technology to spy on the united states and recommends the u.s. government block mergers involving those companies and warns contractors and businesses to find alternative suppliers. and we should note in a statement that the report released today employs many rumors and speculations to prove nonexistent accusations and does not address challenges faced by ict industry. ict stands for information communication and technology. and remember that wasn't and for the camera? now, there is a nokia's head of smart phone marketing is out of a job. he had to apologize for this video. then accused of misleading customers we should note it's not clear and and htc may be the latest smart phone victim. the company posted a record drop in quarterly earnings. there is net profits totalling $133 million. and to put that into perspective it's the lowest quarterly profits. the share of the bloomberg smart phone market fell at less than 6%. it had 10% just a year ago. google is launching a credit card for businesses with lines ranging from $200 to $100,000 for customers of its ad words service. for n
Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
for you. >> the store is the foirs get this new technology by the way the store is giving away down jackets to first 500 customers friday morning. hundreds showed up for a similar promotion in new jersey. >> very cool. >> there are residents have a new place to do one stop shopping. there is a smaller version of the super store but offers pretty much the same stuff. this store provides jobs for 90 people and walmart opened the first market 14 years ago. >> is apple about to unveil a new mini ipad. >> and sobering predictions coming from hewlett-packard. >> hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman delivering the forecast about the computer giant. speaking in a meeting for analysts saying the recent financial performance has not been good. and that next year will be a year of fixing and hp has been challenged by slumping pc sales. >> my believe is that fingel biggest challenge has been changes in ceos and executive leadership causing multiple inconsistent strategic choices and significant executional miscues. this is important because as a result, it's going to take longer to right this ship t
Oct 9, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, and this and this. and this and this would with awesome to use technology to fix the problems they face every day. let's give it a shot. >> this includes twitter co-founder and air b and bceo and some other folks. they urge the city to fix problems of lack of wifi hot spots and making it easier to get a bus or a cab and this is to promotes his campaign, one of the hottest ipos is heating up, workday is boosting a price range for stock sales. now plans on selling $22 million shares at 24ses today $26 a piece down from from the earlier price range. that comes after there were strong debuts. as for markets stocks dropped after the international monetary fund cut estimates for global growth. shares of intel dragging this index down. and there is hulu plus adding nickelodeon, they'll be able to watch nickelodeon shows like sponge bob square pants. and this will be online three weeks after airing on tv. it will go through an expansion to an existing deal in which hulu air shows from comedy central and other viacomm channels. back to you. >> thank you. >> and let's talk about the weather oor are
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3